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Air Transfer - Whistler by Air

While the drive to Whistler from Vancouver is among the most beautiful in the world, there is another opportunity that lets you arrive in Whistler faster and take in a whole other experience from the air. Whistler Glacier Group is pleased to offer its clients Air Transfers to Whistler by float plane or helicopter.

Float Plane

We accommodate transfers from either Downtown Vancouver Harbour or Vancouver International Airport to landing on Whistler's beautiful turquoise lake just 5 mins from the village. If you decide to do the drive up by our limousine or luxury SUV, then we also provide a variety of Scenic Flight Tours once you arrive, that cover the breathtaking Whistler and surrounding areas. click for schedules / rates


Our choppers can accommodate 4-5 passengers. Our 4 passenger Bell Jetrangers are the ultimate in chopper comfort and speed with flights into Whistler in approximately 35 minutes. Our 4 and 5 passenger Eurocopters, while 5-10 minutes longer in flight, are equiped with skid mounted baskets to accommodate all of your ski, snowboard, golfing, or other equipment. click for schedules / rates

Private Jet

Whistler Glacier Group can accommodate to your personal or business needs. Providing service that offers private, customized business travel for executives or those that want to travel in comfort and convenience. Fly on your schedule not someone else's. Designed for those with uncompromising needs for comfort, personal productivity, and convenience. click for schedules / rates

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"Excellent service, professional conduct, very good value. Our group will book again and again."

Theresa, Atlanta

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