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About Whistler Glacier Group

Perhaps the best way to explain what we do, is by example. The following is an account of how Whistler Glacier Group goes above and beyond... always

The Sea to Sky's corridor of disconnect began at approximately 9:30am on Sunday February 4, 2007 when 300 to 500 cubic meters of debris fell on the highway, closing it to traffic north-bound and south-bound for 8 hours.

The muddy, rocky debris cut off a two-lane stretch of highway leaving behind a blockage that measured two metres high and 12 metres thick to be removed and the road to be repaired.

Dozens of vehicles and likely thousands of travelers from Whistler to Vancouver were forced to a sudden grinding halt.

The staff and drivers at Whistler Glacier Group have been in this predicament before and immediately began working on alternative options to ensure their guests would have every opportunity to make it to their destination in a timely and comfortable matter.

As in the past, we worked closely with our friends and colleagues to transport guests by helicopter and float plane from Whistler and Squamish to Vancouver. We were also able to call on support from our friends and colleagues in Vancouver who own and operate fishing charters. It was cold and very wet option, but heart-warming to the guests who needed to make their flight home.

Due to the increasing fog and stormy waters we did have to look for yet another option. Our guests were able to descend the slope and walk around the debris to our warm and fully equipped vehicles on the other side of the slide.

Operating our transportation company in the Sea to Sky Corridor for 16 years has allowed us to create efficient protocol and to the opportunity to build partnerships with other service providers. This allows us to ensure that the needs of our guests are met and exceeded when these circumstances arise.

We value our guests business and want to ensure that their vacation to Whistler is exceptional.

We Can Get You There!

"Airport, Limo, Float Plane, Limo, Hotel. Limo, Chopper, Limo, Airport. You guys made me look like a transportation genius and you never broke a sweat. I appreciate the incredible service (as did our boss)."

Carl, New Orleans

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