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...Our Extensive Fleet ranges from Sedans to SUV’S up to Luxury Buses



Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$330.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$350.00
Whistler -- Squamish$155.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$225.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$155.00
Vancouver -- Pemberton$445.00
Local Transfer Hourly$80.00
Local Transfer First Hour$95.00
Our Sedans are Cadillac DTS. They accommodate one to three passengers for a comfortable, luxurious ride. These are perfect for business transportation with small parties. If you need to transport skis or golf clubs, we recommend upsizing to our luxury SUV.

Luxury SUV

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$385.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$405.00
Whistler -- Squamish$195.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$270.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$195.00
Vancouver -- Pemberton$495.00
Local Transfer Hourly$100.00
Local Transfer First Hour$105.00
Our 4 wheel drive Lincoln Navigators are excellent for driving the Sea to Sky highway in style and comfort anytime of year.

Stretch Limousine

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$385.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$405.00
Whistler -- Squamish$250.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$285.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$250.00
Vancouver -- Pemberton$565.00
Local Transfer Hourly$125.00
Local Transfer First Hour$150.00
Our Stretch Limousines are fully equipped with an ice chest, DVD Player, TV, and VCR. The Stretch Limousine seats five passengers comfortably.

Executive Van

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$450.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$465.00
Whistler -- Squamish$245.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$425.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$205.00
Vancouver -- Pemberton$585.00
Local Transfer Hourly$105.00
Local Transfer First Hour$115.00
Our luxury Executive Vans are fully loaded with Flat TV Screen, DVD, CD capability, enhanced by Theatre Stereo Sound and also have 112 volt power outlets for your convenience. These Executive Vans feature leather, captain, swivel chairs and plenty of luggage storage for your belongings.
+++++vehicle no longer available+++++++

Limousine Bus

***VEHICLE NOT AVAILABLE***............................

15 Passenger Van

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$400.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$425.00
Whistler -- Squamish$215.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$295.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$215.00
Local Transfer Hourly$100.00
Local Transfer First Hour$115.00

24 Pax Mini Coach

+++++vehicle no longer available+++++++

24 Pax Executive Coach

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$635.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$675.00
Whistler -- Squamish$365.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$525.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$365.00
Local Transfer Hourly$115.00
Local Transfer First Hour$250.00
Glacier Coach Lines is ever-expanding and welcomes the Deluxe 24 passenger Executive Coach as the newest addition to our fleet of buses. Equipped to exceed the industry standards for safety and comfort, this bus delivers both for our clients. Features include: A/C,Reclining leather seating, corner bar, fully loaded Flat TV Screen, DVD, CD capability, PA System and plenty of luggage storage for your belongings. Seating capacity for up to twenty-four guests with seatbelts.

36 Pax Luxury Coach

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$725.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$775.00
Whistler -- Squamish$425.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$660.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$425.00
Local Transfer Hourly$125.00
Local Transfer First Hour$350.00
This 36 Passenger Krystal International Coach has 8 LCD television screens, DVD player, PS system, reclining seats and seat belts. (Yes, we said seat belts... on a bus!)

47 Pax Coach

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$790.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$840.00
Whistler -- Squamish$450.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$720.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$450.00
Local Transfer Hourly$135.00
Local Transfer First Hour$375.00
Our 47 passenger MCI coach is fully equipped with a top of the line Stereo, DVD player, PA system, reclining seats and a washroom.

56 Pax Coach

Vancouver Downtown -- Whistler$875.00
Vancouver Airport -- Whistler$925.00
Whistler -- Squamish$510.00
Vancouver -- Squamish$780.00
Whistler -- Pemberton$510.00
Local Transfer Hourly$140.00
Local Transfer First Hour$400.00
Whistler Glacier Group Continues to Grow with the addition of our MCI 55 passenger coach in May 2009. Fully equipped with overhead lockers, washroom, reading lights, TV screens , a top of the line Stereo (DVD,CD & MP3 capacity) A PA system has also been installed for groups who would like to have a tour-guide on board. Seating capacity for up to fifty-five guests.
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